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The West Coast - Score:8.06667
The West Coast
Spot:Petite Rivi...
Standing on a volcano - Score:8.00000
Standing on a vol...
Another view from Cap Malheureux - Score:7.66667
Another view from...
Spot:Cap Malheureux
Montagne du Rempart - Score:7.58333
Montagne du Rempart
Life is a beach... - Score:7.00000
Life is a beach...
Spot:Centre de F...
Lotus again - Score:6.88889
Lotus again

Mauritius - Known as the 'Coin de Mire' Mauritius or Isle Maurice was born 8 million years ago when a volcanic hotspot created 3 islands in the south indian ocean: Mauritius, Rodriguez and RĂ©union.
The last one of these three islands is still volcanically active and is geologically linked to Mauritius though on Mauritius all volcanic activity is inert.

Mauritius was discovered by Arabic sailors almost over a thousand years ago and was afterwards exploited by Potugese, then Dutch (who gave Mauritius its name because of Prince Maurice of Oranie), French & last but not least British occupiers. - Coming home They all depleted many faunical and floral ressources, like the world famous non-flying bird Dodo, turtles, forrests etc. When slavery was abolishd it left a multicultural society consisting out of Indians (now representing two third of the population,), Africans, Chinese and a few Europeans who still form an upper class, if you will.

English is said to be the official language on Mauritius but if you want to make contact to the common people you should have a knowledge of French as this is the language REALLY used there... ;-)

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